welome 2

I am no one of any great importance. I am no celebrity blogger with a huge following, I’m just a normal (I think) 28 year old here to share the shits and giggles that life is throwing at me.

I am, as we all are, human. My life has had its up and downs… really low downs (like beneath the depths of the earth, where you’re on fire, and the ground is on fire, and everything is on fire because you’re in fucking hell) and some amazing highs, for instance the birth of my two children, who are indeed my lifeline.

As well as ranting about everyday life, the struggles of parenthood and trying to be Mother Teresa I also like to share my love for renovating & recycling. I find so much enjoyment from grabbing a bargain, putting a bit of TLC into it and watch it transform into something completely different. Here I will share my hints & tips, along with the complete fails we all stumble across when crafting.

I also wanted to share my journey, of going at it alone with two small children, experiencing every little hiccup you could possibly think of. These blog posts will make you laugh, cringe and maybe cry all at the same time!

This is a blog about me, at the grand old age of 28 wading through life as a single parent of two, a serial re-decorator and over thinker and someone who is always trying to run before I can walk, enjoying all the highs and lows that life throws at us, and enjoying our home which is our very own safe haven.

Remember, it’s all shits & giggles until someone giggles and shits….then you have a problem.

Love Sophie x